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    Our six-week journey of discovering the work of Bible translation is coming to an end, but you still have time to raise money that will go toward producing the first Bible for the Rakali and Karkod people.

    A Gamo Story

    Remember the Gamo people from Week 1? Dive deeper into their story with a translator named Paulos. He and others went to jail because they followed Christ. During that time, churches closed their doors. Can you imagine if all the churches around you were forced to close?

    Finally, that time ended. That’s when many Gamo received the opportunity to watch the “JESUS” film. Paulos himself was there years later, when the Gamo people received their own copies of the printed New Testament. After everything that had happened, it was a wonderful day of rejoicing.

    You can help the Rakali and Karkod people rejoice just as the Gamo did when their first printed Scripture arrived. Remember that our goal is to raise $120,100 and that the deadline is Nov. 11. You can add your donations by going to the Give page.


    1. What is persecution? Can you think of some Bible stories where people were persecuted for their beliefs?

    2. Why was Paulos in jail? And why did he stay when he could have gotten out?

    3. What is the greatest victory in this story?

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    The Church was persecuted in the book of Acts (Paul, Peter, James, John, all the disciples). Paulos was in jail for his faith. He stayed to preach the Gospel there. The people were able to accept Jesus- that was the greatest victory!


    That's true. And, while we should always pray for the persecuted church around the globe, we should also praise God for those who come to faith because of the persecuted church's faithful witness.