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    As our missions program nears the end, take a moment to pray about the role you might play in bringing God’s Word to the Bibleless. People around the world are introduced to Jesus through Bible translation projects.

    Daybreak for the Zapotec

    God is providing more Scripture for the Zapotec people of Oaxaca, Mexico. Why is that so meaningful?
    The Zapotec people live in villages in the southern part of Mexico, in Oaxaca state. They have a strong sense of community, and they value wisdom. The Zapoteco, as they call themselves, are known for their beautiful gold jewelry and colorful textiles — embroidered blouses, skirts, tablecloths and napkins. They herd cattle and grow crops, especially corn for delicious tortillas.

    Thanks to missionaries who learned the language years ago, the Zapotec already have the New Testament. But some of them, especially older people, can’t read their language. Some people learned to read Zapotec because they have the New Testament, and they share it by reading it aloud to others.

    Now Christians are asking for more Scripture. They are especially interested in the poetic books of the Old Testament: Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and others. Several churches have joined together, and a group of translators are working on those books. In this video, you’ll meet one of the translators, Rolando, a pastor who knows many languages.


    1. Why do the Zapotec feel like “second-class citizens”?

    2. How do the Old Testament and New Testament work together to tell God’s complete story?

    3. The Zapotec enjoy poetry because their own language is poetic in nature. Which books of the Bible would you consider to be poetic?

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    1. They feel like "second-class citizens" because they are poor and have a different way of speaking Spanish. 2. The Old Testament is like a shadow and the New Testament is like the real thing. They should have the Old Testament because they like poetry and because it is good to have the whole Bible. I think it's important, too, that the world understand God's dealings with Israel so we can see what His character is like and what He will do for us also. 3. Psalms is a book of songs. Ecclesiastes was mentioned in the video. Proverbs teaches wisdom and how to live right in a poetic way.