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    In addition to people who do not yet have Bibles, many live in places where becoming a Christian can endanger their lives. Your fundraising efforts help people like Berki experience the power of God’s Word and then share stories of God’s love with others.

    Leap of Faith

    Berki and his family live in southwest Ethiopia. Also known as the South Omo Zone, this region is sparsely populated and very dry. He’s from the Hamer people, who farm and raise cattle. They move from place to place to find grass and water, living peacefully with neighboring people groups. But during times of famine, it’s not unusual for violence to break out among the groups, particularly when cattle are stolen.

    The Hamer people follow a traditional religion passed down from their ancestors. Men and older people are highly respected, but women and girls have no status. When a young man reaches adulthood, he is required to participate in a bull-jumping ritual. It includes beating women to claim them as wives.

    Berki became a Christian before his time to jump, and he refused to do it. For that, his grieving family disowned him. In fact, they threatened to kill him. Guess what happened next?


    1. Have you ever been questioned about your faith in Christ?

    2. How did God protect Berki?

    3. What are some ways you can pray for Berki’s family and others who have no understanding of salvation?

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    Alex (9 yrs old)

    Wow really good video!

    Grace(9 yrs old)

    Really heartwarming!


    God is amazing because He protects His children!