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    In order for Anna to hear the Creation story in her language, someone first had to translate that story. Seed Company helped translate the Bible into her language, and then a group called Faith Comes By Hearing recorded that translated work in audio format for people like Anna. In the end, God used that partnership to bring Anna to Himself.

    Anna’s Story

    Anna lives in the “land of a million gods.” Many are made from dirt and clay. After waiting eight years for a child, she gave birth to a daughter with an incurable illness. The handcrafted “gods” proved powerless to heal her.

    But that changed the day someone came to Anna’s village with a box. A voice came out of that box and it spoke Angika. For the first time, Anna heard the story of Creation in her own language.

    The box Anna heard was a “Proclaimer.” With the help of Faith Comes By Hearing, Bible stories are recorded in local languages onto these digital audio players.

    “The story of my life changed,” Anna says about that moment. Through prayer, her daughter was healed and now enjoys a healthy life. Witnessing the power of the one true God, others in her village now bring their problems to Anna. She delights in telling them the story that changed her life.

    As you continue to raise money for Bible translation, pray that God’s Word will soon be delivered to the Rakali and Karkod people.


    1. Does God still miraculously heal people?

    2. Why did Jesus teach people using parables or stories?

    3. What are some other places stories are used to educate, inform or change behavior?

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    Anna's story was so moving!


    I agree, Tess. And, I like that people in Anna's village can see that now, her life is different. They come to her because they want to know the true and living God.


    i love that someone get healed!


    Thank you for such an inspirational story!!! That is amazing!!!


    ANNAs story was a real life changer


    so inspring


    why do polple bielve in gods


    Great question with a big answer! I think a couple of reasons why people believe in false gods is because they follow the traditional religious practices of their families and because they simply don't know the Truth. The Bible is the best tool we have for becoming like Christ, but so many people don't have His Word.


    How Anna's life was changed by one story is amazing!