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    Sign up to join us!

    If you don’t sign up on the home page, you won’t have access to all the great content and experiences.

    Download and print the Field Guide

    Once you sign up, you can check the Itinerary (on page 1 of the Field Guide) to see weekly themes and get a sneak peek of what’s to come!

    Get two weekly emails

    Everyone who signs up will receive emails twice weekly that direct you to the online Video Lessons. Feel free to explore these lessons with your children or simply forward along the emails.

    Video Lessons include three components

    1. Discover – Video, reading and discussion questions.
    2. Do More – Additional video and several online activities.
    3. Community – Message board for family sharing.

    Plan your lessons to begin September 19

    The Field Guide can take up to an hour, and the Video Lessons about 30 minutes. KidsDiscover offers many curriculum components, so you can schedule missions time daily or in blocks. We’ve added even more flexibility with a wide range of Do More activities. Spend as long as you like on these!

    Have fun and learn together!

    This KidsDiscover Missions Program is a biblical study for the whole family. The experiences can be parent-led or self-guided. It all depends on the age of your students and the way your family likes to learn.